[Temporary suspension of oversea shipments]
Due to suspension of accepting packages to some countries/regions by Japan Post,
now we are NOT able to ship out orders destined to the countries/regions.
Though we're still accepting orders, but please be understanding that orders will be pending until EMS resumption.
Please be understanding that we don't offer alternative shipping for SALE price orders.
Also, shipment to countries/regions where EMS is still working also experience long delay.
More details here.

[Tentative extra charge for EMS]
Due to raising of transportation costs, Japan Post announced that they charge extra fee for EMS destined to Zone 2 (Oceania, North America, Central America, the Middle East and Europe) from June 1st 2021.
Accordingly, we update our shipping fee rates of our online store at noon on May 28th, orders to be shipped out after June 1st.
For orders already placed before the update, we will cover the balance of fee even if the shipment will be after June 1st.
Please be understanding that we don't accept to combine orders placed before and after noon on May 28th.
Details about extra charge here.