Lumière éclatante jumper skirt

Lumière éclatante jumper skirt

Item #: B43JS219

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  色 Color
オフ白 White ×
ピンク Pink ×
サックス Saxe blue ×
若草 Bright green


  • Quantity
The picture is a sample. Some detail of the item might become a partial modification.

コCoordinates example(Height:160cm, 5′3)

Coordinates example
Coordinates example
Coordinates example

The reservation acceptance period :
From 12:00 on Friday, March.22nd to 12:00 on Monday, March.25th.

< About reservation >

This item will be in stock at the beginning of April 2019 ~ middle of April 2019.
(Arrival schedule may be changed depending on the situation.)

The length of the shoulder strap is able to be arranged by buttons


White/Navy×White lace×White/Blue/Lame border×White braid×White/Blue stripe ribbon[Sold out during the reservation period]

Pink×Light ivory lace×Beige/Lame border×White braid×Ivory/Pink stripe ribbon[Sold out during the reservation period]

Saxe blue/Ivory×Light ivory lace×Beige/Lame border×Beige braid×Light beige/Saxe blue stripe ribbon[Sold out during the reservation period]

Bright green/Ivory×Light ivory lace×Beige/Lame border×Beige braid×Light beige/Bright green stripe ribbon[Sold out during the reservation period]


[Outer material]

  • Shantung : Polyester 100%

[Other material]

  • Lame jacquard border:Polyester 77%, Cotton 23%


  • Polyester 100%
  • Polyester 100%


Length: 94 ~ 99 cm ( 37.01 ~ 38.98 inch )

Bust: 89 ~ 98 cm ( 35.04 ~ 38.58 inch )

Waist: 74 ~ 85 cm ( 29.13 ~ 33.46 inch )

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