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PIRATES PARTY~皇子たちの漆黒のSabbat~ ticket

PIRATES PARTY~皇子たちの漆黒のSabbat~ ticket

4,545円 (tax included 5,000円)
Item #: 2019AP-TEAPARTY-ticket
Out of stock
The picture is a sample. Some detail of the item might become a partial modification.

We’ll start accepting the reservation at 19:00 on November 15th.

【Attention about entry】

・Up to 4 tickets available in 1 entry. 

【About payment】

・Credit card or Bank/Postal transfer are available.

 We're sorry but Paypal and Aurfy are unavailable.

・After the entry, we do NOT accept any demand for refund for any reason including non-attendance.

【About Bank/Postal transfer】

・Please make a remittance within 1 week from entry. 

・In the case we can't confirm the payment within 1 week, the entry will be automatically cancelled.

 After we can confirm the payment, we will send a confirmation mail.

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