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Dearest rose head bow

Dearest rose head bow

8,900円 (tax included 9,790円)
Item #: P17HA914

Please choose your desired product from the list below.

  色 Color
ピンク Pink
モーヴ Mauve
ブルー Blue
茶 Brown
黒 Black ×


  • Quantity
The picture is a sample. Some detail of the item might become a partial modification.

Coordinates example (Model: 十束おとは (Philosophy no Dance) / Height: 157cm, 5′1.8)


+ Color

  • Pink ribbon×White/Vanilla rose×Gold charm
  • Mauve ribbon×Mauve/Vanilla rose×Antique gold charm
  • Blue ribbon×Light blue/White rose×Antique gold charm
  • Brown ribbon×Mauve/Pink rose×Antique gold charm
  • Black ribbon×Mauve rose×Antique gold charm

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