About member's point system

About member's points system
For our store members, shopping points will be offered according to purchased price. Points return rate is 1% of the total item price. Points validity is 1year from the last purchase.

When you use some points, points will be offered to the discounted total item price.
e.g.) when you use 300points to 2000yen total item price: 2000yen-300points =1700yen ←points will be offered to this "1700yen."


Offered pointsOffered timing
Purchase basic points Get 1 point for every 100yen of item price
SALE price items are NOT qualify to offering points.
After the shipment

Use the points
Please log-in and specify how points you use before you complete your order. Up to 15000 points available at 1 order.

About "out of stock" items
Points will be able to offered to special oreders for "out of stock" items. Please be aware to let us know that you have online member's account when you make your order mail since points will NOT be offered automatically for "out of stock" items.

About the special points items
There is the case that the special points are offered to the individual items. In that case, the individual points have priority over the basic rate.

※This member's point system is available at online store only and incompatible with store member's points.
※After placing an order, any change and cancellation of used points are unacceptable.
※Points from multiple accounts cannot be added up.